Who are we?

Ungdomskulturhuset - UKH  is a creative venue for young people between the age of 15-25 who lives in Aarhus.

You can hang out with other young people, use the different facilities in the house or organize actvities and projects, such as concerts and other cultural events.

It is free to be a part of UKH and it is completly your choice how much you wish to engage yourself in the house.

What can we offer?

It is your youth culture house, so come use it, use the facilities, start your own project with other youngsters.


Do you have a briliant idea for a project,an event or are you part of a union that would like to be a part of the house, then contact us. We love great projects and offer the opportunites for professional advice and financial support.


Ungdomskuturhuset - UKH was developed back in august 2015 after high demand from young people in Aarhus.

Until june 2017 UKH was at Hjortensgade 23.Now you can find us at Knudrisgade 5, in the heart of Aarhus.

Behind the Ungdomskulturhuset there is a group of amazing young people, that together with Aarhus municipality runs the house.


Our current location is temporarily.

So we are currently looking for a new place, where there is space for all our amazing activities.

TLF: 41 87 45 44

Mandag - Torsdag : 10-22

Fredag -         : 12-17

Tage-Hansens gade 2, bygning 7, 8000 Aarhus C