Every monday Dansk Flygningehjælps Ungdom (DFUNK)and Ungdomshuset organises a dinner,  where you can hang out, get engaged in some good conversation, play board games  and of course cook dinner. It is always Free to participate.

We get together and decide the menu, followed by a little trip to the grocery store before we make the dinner.

It is as simple and the delicious as it sound.

-  So come join us and help us decide the menu!

We are looking forward to having a "hyggelig" time with you a the dinner club!

The dinner club is a collaboration between DFUNK, UKH and  Food Maker.

@Food Maker are sponsored by @Nordea fonden.

See you around:D

Photos: Kio Jørgensen

TLF: 41 87 45 44

Mandag - Torsdag : 10-22

Fredag -         : 12-17

Tage-Hansens gade 2, bygning 7, 8000 Aarhus C