Youth Guidance Counselor


Youth Guidance Counselor W/RUTH MORELL

At UKH you can get both personal and anonymous counseling with young counselor Ruth Morell. Ruth has extensive knowledge of the complicated danish systems,regardless of it being about housing references, application rules or redistribution to other agencies.

Do you need

- To Talk about your choise of education, droping out of

  school or SU rules?

- Help for a job or a housing applications?

- Help to understand taxes, tax exemption card and   

  preliminary assessment of income ?

- Help to get in touch with a psychologist or a treatment


- Anonymous counseling regarding personal challenges?

- Help developing a project description or a budget?

Contact Ruth Morell for counseling

- At

- on Facebooksiden Ungevejledning Ruth Morell

- on the phone : 51575019

- You can also find her at UKH every monday 16-18

  and every thursday 16-22

TLF: 41 87 45 44

Mandag - Torsdag : 10-22

Fredag -         : 12-17

Tage-Hansens gade 2, bygning 7, 8000 Aarhus C